New Beginnings

So this year has been a crazy one, I’ve always developed emotionally at a fast level, however this year has been exceptionally fast. I went from being in Spoons everyday last year (to those who aren’t British, its a popular, cheap, chain pub) spending all my savings I worked two jobs for in the summer and not having any clue where or what I wanted to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been extremely ambitious and glory seeking, the lack of direction and action was a problem though. In this year though I’ve impressed even myself in what can be changed in a year. Having no real prior travel experience I was a Brit who had nothing but fantasies of far away lands. It never seemed to materialise as I would always have something in the back of my mind holding me back. I have been to some countries for a short amount of time, but my goal wasn’t short term- it was long. 

Here’s where it changed.

My partner is a beautiful, smart Swede who has lived in three countries. She is incredibly ambitious and is able to materialise her dreams in a way I can’t help but idolise. She has managed to encourage me to be more daring and brave in the decisions I make in everyday life. Because of this I now am living in the Swedish countryside with no knowledge of Swedish hopefully getting a job as a chef in a popular chain restaurant for truckers. Not only that but I have a gig in Sweden making this my first international gig. Due to it being quite far out in the countryside not everyone can speak English, so I have three months to learn the language to at least a basic conversational level. I must admit it’s a bit stressful at times as we speak 70% to 80% in Swedish, but I’m getting there. My partners family is really cute with it and tries to speak English when they can which is nice. 

So recently I have been reflecting on my attitude towards things. Things, oh things- the products everyone “MUST” have, the things that you “CAN’T” live without. I’m usually quite laid back with my beliefs but what you own, is something I honestly believe you should think about. If I were to ask you what was in your closet- would you be able to answer me? If I were to ask you what was in your fridge- would you be able to roughly say? I couldn’t say last year about either, I always ate food out for a start because I was reckless, and I had so many clothes because I kept them for years and my parents sold my childhood home March last year. So everything followed me to my one room student dorm- and I must honestly say I was swimming in clothes- they weren’t even in a good state.

When I was packing up my room in my old family home I realised I didn’t want as much as I had- things didn’t make me happy, they never have. I threw out a lot and throughout the times I had been moving in London – those of you who have lived there will know the struggle- I always threw bit by bit out. I now have a closet that is made up of 30 or so items (I’ll be talking about this more in later posts) and very little clutter in my life regarding things. 

A lot has happened during my time in London. I moved there two years ago for my music degree as a result of this I have been a part of a lot of musical projects and met a lot of similar musicians. My high point musically have been playing at the O2 academy Islington and 229 Islington with my old Americana bluegrass band- I was a backing vocalist. Releasing a single in our duo project “Duo Parallel” which I sing and play guitar for, and have had radio play on BBC Introducing with my duo and solo projects. My time in London is something I really have to have a whole blog posts for, because if I can give it one word it would be… intense. Both in the good and bad sense. 

So this is my blog, I hope you find it of interest and for those who read- thank you.

More content coming very soon…


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