Organising your Life- Start with your Socks.

Growing up I’ve always been quite disorganised.

Ironically, to some degree I still am…

but I made the decision recently that I was going to make an effort, that I was going to push myself out of my comfort zone…

Like with everything in the modern age of the internet I started spinning with my partner about everything Konmari

Yes I said it.

I’m the steriotype of a minimalist nowadays

I believe in Konmari…

Not because I want to jump on a bandwagon,

but because I honestly believe she has a point about organisation and about keeping the things that sparks joy.

Since organising my closet- something I will show in later posts,

I feel,

So. much. better

When I made the choice to organise my life a little better I started off small, my partner taught me how to fold my socks. A very small action of me folding my socks resulted in a complete change in my view on life.

Funny I know,

socks changed my life…

Please, enjoy this picture of my socks

I never thought I’d put my socks on the internet…

but things happen I guess…

When I see this picture I feel calm, just as I do in the reality of it

and it was through this simple action of organising my socks, that I was able to move onto:

My closet

my beauty items

and my general things I own.

It was the start of everything, and it’s such a small action to do

I really believe if you want to organise your life

start with your socks.

They hold more value than you could ever imagine, especially psychologically… I mean you see them everyday, you wear everyday (give or take) and you wash them once/twice a week

You constantly see socks, they are also at every major holiday as gifts

so if you want to start organising your life, start small and don’t overwhelm yourself

…start with your socks

You won’t regret it

New post tomorrow 🙂


P.S… I have an instagram called minimalistme28

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What is Minimalism?

Shower bar and safety razor

I’m a minimalist, but what is it?

A minimalist to me, is someone who lives with only the things you need. That doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things or things you want.

Its just the act of mindfulness and making decisions.

I make a decision every time I buy something now,

Is that draining?


but it’s also incredibly liberating

I have one shower bar and one razor. I don’t have to think about anything other than those two items when I shower.

I have a small amount of clothes but I know full well I wear them all, and because of that I open my closet, grab something to wear- know that it works because I’ve catered my closet to that- and then move on with my day.


I’m a person that has a very over active mind: I plan, I do and I think… a lot. Due to this I have to make my everyday life more manageable. So to do this I eliminate having too much choice with things I don’t really appreciate.

and instead have little choice with the things I know I love.

It’s all about investment.

the quality of everything is better because for every two tops I could have, I buy one for the price of what I’d spend on two.

This results in a much neater, higher quality, longer lasting and environmental closet.

and it works so well for me

It literally makes me happier as a person.

Now I’m not saying you should be a minimalist, I’m… believe it or not,

quite an extreme person with things like this…

but this is something maybe we could all be a bit more mindful and decisive about -regarding the things we buy…

New post tomorrow 🙂


I Love Silence (Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?)

Meet Bira, the most extroverted cat I know… I’m staying with my partner, her family and three very unique cats…

I’m an introvert, I NEED silence

Silence is the magic word that makes me a better person

It’s through the calm that I am able to go about in everyday life without throwing eggs at passers-by.

…Contrary to the imagery created

I’m actually an okay person

…I only have a few eggs in my bag per day…

Without the poetry in the word silence, I can’t function.

I can’t talk to people constantly and fill my time with activities that are socially stimulating because my brain frazzles out.

It’s the classic case of: “It’s not you it’s me.”

It’s actually quite funny because I find that I gravitate to extroverted personalities

It’s through being an introvert myself and having knowledge of my extrovert friends I can give an idea to you of what you may be

If your are the kind of person who:

  • Gains energy from being with people
  • Likes to be the centre of attention for long amounts of time (this is in no way a bad thing 🙂 )
  • Prefers to spend time with people as oppsosed to being alone
  • Have a large group of friends
  • Are very out-going (people always know you’ll be at the party)
  • Have no problem being the leader in a presentation

You are most likely an:



To contrast, if you are:

  • Often seeking alone time
  • Are often seen as a listening type
  • Lose energy from big social gatherings (sometimes even only small groups)
  • Have to mentally prepare for any kind of social event
  • Picks and chooses when to be social
  • Your friends get a little shocked when you say you’re going to a party

You are most likely an:


It’s not bad to be either DON’T WORRY this isn’t some sort of medical analysis that you look up in the middle of the night cause you’re worried about a cold being a throat infection that will last 20 years…

However, this is in some way helpful because from an honest point of view

I honestly felt horrible about being an introvert.

I always turned down my friends events,

I have very few friends because I don’t socialise

and I quite often fall straight asleep after any big social occasion because I put so much time into the people I talk to

I love to listen

and I love to help

So I naturally give a lot of energy to the people I care about

Extroversion and Introversion are just an addition to your personality.

The extroverts I’ve met are some of the kindest people I know, they bring me out of my shell and make me laugh in ways I sometimes wish I didn’t …cause I get told to be quiet…

Just as the introverts I know are incredibly kind too and always can give a different perspective to a situation because they often observe from the sidelines

Now I know you shouldn’t label everything you do in life

but its quite fun to know

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

New post tomorrow 🙂