Is Being Eco-Friendly, Economically Sustainable?

Life is about Discussion

This is just an idea but…

I’ve been thinking, as I do…

and I had flash backs to all the comments in my life where people have said

Being more environmentally considerate isn’t economically sustainable.

Then I thought,

maybe they’re wrong.

Maybe they’re wrong because the argument I always seem to hear revolves around things like:

plastic is cheap

people do what they want

and countries in trade deals rely on the high yield exportation of their goods to other countries. That means production has to be fast and reliable, or work is lost.

I honestly believe though that the problem isn’t to do with the practicality,

but with the mindset.

No one ever really shares how we can fix the problem, it’s more common that someone argues against it

So I’m going to give an opinion, one that has no evidence or research behind it. To start the discussion from the otherside

If more companies were to invest in higher quality, environmentally sustainable items for their lines- the prices will indeed go up- and people wouldn’t like that.


This means that the company would invest more money on good materials, people would buy a higher quality product (that would last longer due to the quality.) Resulting in less enviromental waste and more economic long term benefits. Quality not quantity from both sides.

I dunno, it just seems weird that it seems to be “impossible,” to be both environmentally sustainable and economic

I’m not saying this an answer- it’s too bullshitty to be one, but I find the problem is that people aren’t expressing their views on how it CAN be changed. That’s where the problem is. A lot of people are scared and misinformed or passive on what makes a difference

When that happens it’s more likely to take the easy route, and buy what you’re told to buy. As opposed to looking up what YOU want, then researching it, then buying it

Life is about discussion and making your voice heard,

What are your thoughts?

Can we be environmentally sustainable and economically safe?

New post tomorrow,


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Organising your Life- Start with your Socks.

Growing up I’ve always been quite disorganised.

Ironically, to some degree I still am…

but I made the decision recently that I was going to make an effort, that I was going to push myself out of my comfort zone…

Like with everything in the modern age of the internet I started spinning with my partner about everything Konmari

Yes I said it.

I’m the steriotype of a minimalist nowadays

I believe in Konmari…

Not because I want to jump on a bandwagon,

but because I honestly believe she has a point about organisation and about keeping the things that sparks joy.

Since organising my closet- something I will show in later posts,

I feel,

So. much. better

When I made the choice to organise my life a little better I started off small, my partner taught me how to fold my socks. A very small action of me folding my socks resulted in a complete change in my view on life.

Funny I know,

socks changed my life…

Please, enjoy this picture of my socks

I never thought I’d put my socks on the internet…

but things happen I guess…

When I see this picture I feel calm, just as I do in the reality of it

and it was through this simple action of organising my socks, that I was able to move onto:

My closet

my beauty items

and my general things I own.

It was the start of everything, and it’s such a small action to do

I really believe if you want to organise your life

start with your socks.

They hold more value than you could ever imagine, especially psychologically… I mean you see them everyday, you wear everyday (give or take) and you wash them once/twice a week

You constantly see socks, they are also at every major holiday as gifts

so if you want to start organising your life, start small and don’t overwhelm yourself

…start with your socks

You won’t regret it

New post tomorrow 🙂


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What is Minimalism?

Shower bar and safety razor

I’m a minimalist, but what is it?

A minimalist to me, is someone who lives with only the things you need. That doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things or things you want.

Its just the act of mindfulness and making decisions.

I make a decision every time I buy something now,

Is that draining?


but it’s also incredibly liberating

I have one shower bar and one razor. I don’t have to think about anything other than those two items when I shower.

I have a small amount of clothes but I know full well I wear them all, and because of that I open my closet, grab something to wear- know that it works because I’ve catered my closet to that- and then move on with my day.


I’m a person that has a very over active mind: I plan, I do and I think… a lot. Due to this I have to make my everyday life more manageable. So to do this I eliminate having too much choice with things I don’t really appreciate.

and instead have little choice with the things I know I love.

It’s all about investment.

the quality of everything is better because for every two tops I could have, I buy one for the price of what I’d spend on two.

This results in a much neater, higher quality, longer lasting and environmental closet.

and it works so well for me

It literally makes me happier as a person.

Now I’m not saying you should be a minimalist, I’m… believe it or not,

quite an extreme person with things like this…

but this is something maybe we could all be a bit more mindful and decisive about -regarding the things we buy…

New post tomorrow 🙂


Lets Talk about Consumption…

Things left unsaid are often the most important

Okay the topic on everyones mouth, what have you bought? where did you get it? how much was it?

I’ve been looking at stats ( yes, I’m one of those geeks)

I. Love. Stats.

I believe they give the best, most in depth knowledge into the developing world. We have too many people to simply state an average. I wanna know what we are doing to the world. If more people were to look at this information- I believe we could make a change. This all links to…

My closet.

Your closet, hell the worlds closet.

Do you know what your clothes are made of? How they were made? How many do you have? So many questions I know, but I’m in a questioning mood today.

So lets look at the facts (I’m only gunna do a couple cause I want them to really sink in)

Did you know:

“UK citizens discard around a million tonnes of textiles a year ” (, 2019)

“Australians buy an average of 27 kilograms of new textiles each year and then discard about 23 kilograms* into landfil (, 2019)

Now lets talk about this…

This is a problem.

There that’s all that needs to be said.

This is a textile landfill…

Now…lets change the vicious cycle of us wearing clothes three, four times in its lifetime and actually enjoy the items we work hard to pay for. I buy nice shirts, yes they are more expensive than a shirt of £14- but they will last me much longer. As a result less have to be produced meaning a happier planet.

I’m not saying we have to be extreme with what we buy to the point of going clothes shopping once a year…but maybe it’s time we start being mindful about what we spend our money investing in.

I say investing in because every time we buy from a shop we support them- do you know what you’re supporting with your closet?

Its certainly a thing to think about for the future, because once you notice a trend in your clothing its hard to look away

I hope you all have a nice night, new post tomorrow


Bibliography: (2019). Fixing fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability – Environmental Audit Committee – House of Commons. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2019]. (2019). Aussies send 85% of textiles to landfill | Textile Beat. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2019].

New Beginnings

So this year has been a crazy one, I’ve always developed emotionally at a fast level, however this year has been exceptionally fast. I went from being in Spoons everyday last year (to those who aren’t British, its a popular, cheap, chain pub) spending all my savings I worked two jobs for in the summer and not having any clue where or what I wanted to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been extremely ambitious and glory seeking, the lack of direction and action was a problem though. In this year though I’ve impressed even myself in what can be changed in a year. Having no real prior travel experience I was a Brit who had nothing but fantasies of far away lands. It never seemed to materialise as I would always have something in the back of my mind holding me back. I have been to some countries for a short amount of time, but my goal wasn’t short term- it was long. 

Here’s where it changed.

My partner is a beautiful, smart Swede who has lived in three countries. She is incredibly ambitious and is able to materialise her dreams in a way I can’t help but idolise. She has managed to encourage me to be more daring and brave in the decisions I make in everyday life. Because of this I now am living in the Swedish countryside with no knowledge of Swedish hopefully getting a job as a chef in a popular chain restaurant for truckers. Not only that but I have a gig in Sweden making this my first international gig. Due to it being quite far out in the countryside not everyone can speak English, so I have three months to learn the language to at least a basic conversational level. I must admit it’s a bit stressful at times as we speak 70% to 80% in Swedish, but I’m getting there. My partners family is really cute with it and tries to speak English when they can which is nice. 

So recently I have been reflecting on my attitude towards things. Things, oh things- the products everyone “MUST” have, the things that you “CAN’T” live without. I’m usually quite laid back with my beliefs but what you own, is something I honestly believe you should think about. If I were to ask you what was in your closet- would you be able to answer me? If I were to ask you what was in your fridge- would you be able to roughly say? I couldn’t say last year about either, I always ate food out for a start because I was reckless, and I had so many clothes because I kept them for years and my parents sold my childhood home March last year. So everything followed me to my one room student dorm- and I must honestly say I was swimming in clothes- they weren’t even in a good state.

When I was packing up my room in my old family home I realised I didn’t want as much as I had- things didn’t make me happy, they never have. I threw out a lot and throughout the times I had been moving in London – those of you who have lived there will know the struggle- I always threw bit by bit out. I now have a closet that is made up of 30 or so items (I’ll be talking about this more in later posts) and very little clutter in my life regarding things. 

A lot has happened during my time in London. I moved there two years ago for my music degree as a result of this I have been a part of a lot of musical projects and met a lot of similar musicians. My high point musically have been playing at the O2 academy Islington and 229 Islington with my old Americana bluegrass band- I was a backing vocalist. Releasing a single in our duo project “Duo Parallel” which I sing and play guitar for, and have had radio play on BBC Introducing with my duo and solo projects. My time in London is something I really have to have a whole blog posts for, because if I can give it one word it would be… intense. Both in the good and bad sense. 

So this is my blog, I hope you find it of interest and for those who read- thank you.

More content coming very soon…