Why Saving Money in the Modern Age is Key…

Afternoon walks…

Saving money is easier than you think…

Some people save 10% of their monthly wage, others 70% and others none

I’m a believer in the philosophy that every penny counts,

…after all…£1 saved a day for a year… Is £365

It’s little things that mean you can accumulate wealth


I know a lot of people on an okay wage, with a relatively cheap apartment

…Who always complain about having no money…

So, me being me, I ask why

and most of them can’t really give me an answer…

apart from tell me what they do in a week

From talking to them it became apparent that they:

went on a night out twice a week

had meals out with friends in between that

went to the grocery shop every couple of days

and bought clothes/treated themselves whenever they had anything left over

ALL OF THIS IS OKAY TO DO…it’s your life, and this is a normal social life

However, I find the people with the most wealth- the ones who are building in secret. Are the ones who are almost masochistic with regards to what they spend. They aren’t cheap… just decisive with their time and their money.

They would say no to going out for a meal with friends if they’d already been out that week with them

They would say no to buying a new top that they’d wear once for a night out

And to be honest, being like that… IS EXHAUSTING


It means they can save what they would have spent on that meal (so £30 in London…)

and they would save what they’d put towards the shirt (depending on quality £25-£50)

and put it straight into savings

Obviously if you have a family I understand it’s incredibly difficult to save

Kids destroy clothes all the time and they constantly grow meaning you always have to buy new clothes…

but my advice if you don’t have anyone else to think about apart from yourself (and maybe your partner)


Not because I want you to be boring and controlled

but as my form tutor in my first day of high school said…

“Life is a bitch”

He said that to a group of 11 year olds, and at the time I was a bit shocked…

but it’s true.

If you start saving now (regardless of how old you are) you won’t regret it

You don’t lose the money so you can never regret it, because you can always change your mind and get that shirt if you want it

But making that conscious effort to save money…

Is what will make you money.

New post tomorrow,


Is it Better to be Employed or Self- Employed?

What Are Your Thoughts on the Matter?

So life is one of those things where you can have as much choice as you want (within reason…)

What you do, believe it or not

is entirely up to you.

Whether it’s good, bad, neutral

whether it’s being your own boss or employed by a boss

It’s up to you.

I’ve been employed by multiple workplaces in my life, but am very excited to start the next chapter of my life

Which is to be self employed and running a business that I hope to share with you all in the future

But with being employed and self employed there are numerous pros and cons that need to be taken into account…

From when I’ve been employed by companies I’ve always had the security of being told what to do

which sometimes…is quite nice…

It means you can switch off from the world and just do what your told for the paycheck at the end of the month

However, that’s the problem I had with this line of work

I didn’t feel passionate about it in the same way I would if I were to be calling the shots and being hands on with the process of my own business

What I’ve started in the last month is nowhere near a business yet…

Its very much in it’s first stages


the drive I have with it, I know it will be a business in the near future if I just push myself more

Now many might argue that I was just employed under the wrong line of work which to be honest, at the time I was… I was washing dishes in restaurants until 1am…

I can say now that I work as a chef it’s a lot better,

The only downside to it are the hours…

you never know if a family of 16 will walk in to eat 5 minutes before your shifts over, and rules state in my old work if it’s before the closing time- we have to serve.

That means a 12 hour shift with no break can easily turn into a 13/14 one unexpectedly…

Being self employed on the other hand is pretty much the same, but it’s your fault if anything goes wrong- if your business falls from under you because you made a bad choice

It’s on your head…

However, to be able to make that call in the first place is extremely liberating

so it’s a weird one…

neither one is right or wrong, like with life it’s just down to preference

but I’m curious…

If your reading this,

are you employed or self employed?

If you were to give yourself tips 5 years ago about working, what would you say?

New post tomorrow,


It’s Okay to be Bad at School

I’ve always been bad at school, but I found ways to be smart outside of academics

I’ve always been bad at school.

I don’t listen properly

I zone out

I don’t stick to the briefs

…but it doesn’t make me a dumb person

In my academic life I’ve always had to have extra help and support, this is because I’m just not an academic person- I’m a doer, I like to be practical and my worst nightmare is to sit and write for long periods of time about topics that I can’t relate to.

I love: cooking, music, art, sport, environment and finance. I want to start a business.

But my grades… They’ve been somewhat laughable…

Don’t get me wrong I have the brain capacity to do a good, well informed essay- but if I’m not passionate about what I do. Then nothing good will come from it.

To inform you of just how bad my grades have been

They’ve literally ranged between a 2 out of 100 (also known as the letter grade- U for ungradeable) sorry Miss Boden…you were actually a good teacher…

and A’s for topics like geography where we learnt about the world and how it worked.

The difference between the two grades, was that I able to be practical in the one I succeeded in- the one I completely, humiliatingly failed in… was a science report on molecules that was one of the most dry things I’ve ever had to write…

The whole point of this somewhat self destroying blog… Is that IT IS OKAY to get bad grades IT IS OKAY to fail. Everyone in this world is different, not everyone in this world is academic and even if you are academic, you can’t always be the best.

I got terrible grades but I still write to you in an articulate, personal and informative way. This was developed through me reading and reflecting on language all throughout my life

…between you and me…

I didn’t know the order of the alphabet until a very late age.

I had to sit down, on my own, with a dictionary that had an alphabet in the back of it and learnt it by heart because my maths teacher asked the class to order dots by the alphabet AND I COULDN’T DO IT.

It was shit

I had to look at my neighbours answers and copied…

rest assured I now know the alphabet…

kinda 🙂

but in all seriousness, I felt really bad

I shouldn’t have though

I’m really smart with music, I always got the highest grades possible and have a natural understanding of pitch and harmony that people are shocked to hear is self taught.

I became a chef and learnt an entire menu in a week with no prior experience cooking in a professional kitchen- and when I quit my job to go to Sweden…

They said they’d keep my position open for 3 months so if I were to change my mind, they’d have me back

Not only that but I have been building this soon to be business from the ground up, with the hopes of making the world a better place

I’m just not academic

and that’s okay.

School just wasn’t for me…

I hope through this you understand that school and grades aren’t what define you, only you can let that happen. Even now I know 40 year olds that beat themselves up over a bad grade 20 years ago, we need to calm down.

If I could turn back the clock I would have gone back to highschool to tell myself to stop comparing and to stop beating myself up over my friendship groups grades being better than mine.

It’s just something to reflect on…

New post tomorrow,


P.S… I went to the lake yesterday and it was super, super relaxing.

I Love Silence (Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?)

Meet Bira, the most extroverted cat I know… I’m staying with my partner, her family and three very unique cats…

I’m an introvert, I NEED silence

Silence is the magic word that makes me a better person

It’s through the calm that I am able to go about in everyday life without throwing eggs at passers-by.

…Contrary to the imagery created

I’m actually an okay person

…I only have a few eggs in my bag per day…

Without the poetry in the word silence, I can’t function.

I can’t talk to people constantly and fill my time with activities that are socially stimulating because my brain frazzles out.

It’s the classic case of: “It’s not you it’s me.”

It’s actually quite funny because I find that I gravitate to extroverted personalities

It’s through being an introvert myself and having knowledge of my extrovert friends I can give an idea to you of what you may be

If your are the kind of person who:

  • Gains energy from being with people
  • Likes to be the centre of attention for long amounts of time (this is in no way a bad thing 🙂 )
  • Prefers to spend time with people as oppsosed to being alone
  • Have a large group of friends
  • Are very out-going (people always know you’ll be at the party)
  • Have no problem being the leader in a presentation

You are most likely an:



To contrast, if you are:

  • Often seeking alone time
  • Are often seen as a listening type
  • Lose energy from big social gatherings (sometimes even only small groups)
  • Have to mentally prepare for any kind of social event
  • Picks and chooses when to be social
  • Your friends get a little shocked when you say you’re going to a party

You are most likely an:


It’s not bad to be either DON’T WORRY this isn’t some sort of medical analysis that you look up in the middle of the night cause you’re worried about a cold being a throat infection that will last 20 years…

However, this is in some way helpful because from an honest point of view

I honestly felt horrible about being an introvert.

I always turned down my friends events,

I have very few friends because I don’t socialise

and I quite often fall straight asleep after any big social occasion because I put so much time into the people I talk to

I love to listen

and I love to help

So I naturally give a lot of energy to the people I care about

Extroversion and Introversion are just an addition to your personality.

The extroverts I’ve met are some of the kindest people I know, they bring me out of my shell and make me laugh in ways I sometimes wish I didn’t …cause I get told to be quiet…

Just as the introverts I know are incredibly kind too and always can give a different perspective to a situation because they often observe from the sidelines

Now I know you shouldn’t label everything you do in life

but its quite fun to know

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

New post tomorrow 🙂


Intense Job Interviews

I’ma have a lil heart to heart with you-

Today has been hard.

Not to worry, I don’t mean in the world is ending and the sky is falling sense ( for some reason was thinking of Chicken Little as I wrote this) but more so in the sense of I had my first interview abroad today. It’s a lot harder than people make it seem. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in the middle of the Swedish countryside at a trucker restaurant as opposed Stockholm, but either way it’s been difficult. I drove in with my partner and her mum and they waited having coffee as it was in the middle of the motorway. The interview was in part Swedish part English and I must say- you can’t judge those who get jobs abroad. From the interview I had, you often are left with skeptisism from the interviewers and a feeling of dread regarding your own job stability.

This is a photo taken the first day in Sweden

As I write this I am spinning in thought at the actual practicality of working in the restaurant because it is seemingly impossible at this point. Due to this, I take to the keyboard because I feel I can be vocal in a situation where I’ve lost part of my voice. My Swedish is basic, not enough for a workplace. That became increasingly apparent. They offered me a trial which is amazing, but the future will tell what happens next- Person-number, Skatteverket, International taxes- these are like another language to learn on top of the Swedish. A language that has many twists and turns to match.

The positives to this day are numerous despite the sadness tinged in my writing. I’m super happy and enjoying the Swedish countrysides beauty. The interview went well even though I felt somewhat negative at the time. They still offered me work 🙂 Not only that but I had a revelation that Swedish pizza is AMAZING (Banana,curry,cheese, cabbage and kebab sauce weren’t my first thoughts for a pizza) but I must say, don’t judge it till you try it- it was fantastic.

Swedish pizza…yes, it’s a thing…

Later today I plan to cut the grass and open up an Instagram called Minimalistme- it’ll have more pictures of my travels and minimalist lifestyle. Keep an eye out and most of all have a lovely day,

P.S….Thought I’d show you my face so you know who’s behind the keyboard


New Beginnings

So this year has been a crazy one, I’ve always developed emotionally at a fast level, however this year has been exceptionally fast. I went from being in Spoons everyday last year (to those who aren’t British, its a popular, cheap, chain pub) spending all my savings I worked two jobs for in the summer and not having any clue where or what I wanted to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been extremely ambitious and glory seeking, the lack of direction and action was a problem though. In this year though I’ve impressed even myself in what can be changed in a year. Having no real prior travel experience I was a Brit who had nothing but fantasies of far away lands. It never seemed to materialise as I would always have something in the back of my mind holding me back. I have been to some countries for a short amount of time, but my goal wasn’t short term- it was long. 

Here’s where it changed.

My partner is a beautiful, smart Swede who has lived in three countries. She is incredibly ambitious and is able to materialise her dreams in a way I can’t help but idolise. She has managed to encourage me to be more daring and brave in the decisions I make in everyday life. Because of this I now am living in the Swedish countryside with no knowledge of Swedish hopefully getting a job as a chef in a popular chain restaurant for truckers. Not only that but I have a gig in Sweden making this my first international gig. Due to it being quite far out in the countryside not everyone can speak English, so I have three months to learn the language to at least a basic conversational level. I must admit it’s a bit stressful at times as we speak 70% to 80% in Swedish, but I’m getting there. My partners family is really cute with it and tries to speak English when they can which is nice. 

So recently I have been reflecting on my attitude towards things. Things, oh things- the products everyone “MUST” have, the things that you “CAN’T” live without. I’m usually quite laid back with my beliefs but what you own, is something I honestly believe you should think about. If I were to ask you what was in your closet- would you be able to answer me? If I were to ask you what was in your fridge- would you be able to roughly say? I couldn’t say last year about either, I always ate food out for a start because I was reckless, and I had so many clothes because I kept them for years and my parents sold my childhood home March last year. So everything followed me to my one room student dorm- and I must honestly say I was swimming in clothes- they weren’t even in a good state.

When I was packing up my room in my old family home I realised I didn’t want as much as I had- things didn’t make me happy, they never have. I threw out a lot and throughout the times I had been moving in London – those of you who have lived there will know the struggle- I always threw bit by bit out. I now have a closet that is made up of 30 or so items (I’ll be talking about this more in later posts) and very little clutter in my life regarding things. 

A lot has happened during my time in London. I moved there two years ago for my music degree as a result of this I have been a part of a lot of musical projects and met a lot of similar musicians. My high point musically have been playing at the O2 academy Islington and 229 Islington with my old Americana bluegrass band- I was a backing vocalist. Releasing a single in our duo project “Duo Parallel” which I sing and play guitar for, and have had radio play on BBC Introducing with my duo and solo projects. My time in London is something I really have to have a whole blog posts for, because if I can give it one word it would be… intense. Both in the good and bad sense. 

So this is my blog, I hope you find it of interest and for those who read- thank you.

More content coming very soon…