Is it Better to be Employed or Self- Employed?

What Are Your Thoughts on the Matter?

So life is one of those things where you can have as much choice as you want (within reason…)

What you do, believe it or not

is entirely up to you.

Whether it’s good, bad, neutral

whether it’s being your own boss or employed by a boss

It’s up to you.

I’ve been employed by multiple workplaces in my life, but am very excited to start the next chapter of my life

Which is to be self employed and running a business that I hope to share with you all in the future

But with being employed and self employed there are numerous pros and cons that need to be taken into account…

From when I’ve been employed by companies I’ve always had the security of being told what to do

which sometimes…is quite nice…

It means you can switch off from the world and just do what your told for the paycheck at the end of the month

However, that’s the problem I had with this line of work

I didn’t feel passionate about it in the same way I would if I were to be calling the shots and being hands on with the process of my own business

What I’ve started in the last month is nowhere near a business yet…

Its very much in it’s first stages


the drive I have with it, I know it will be a business in the near future if I just push myself more

Now many might argue that I was just employed under the wrong line of work which to be honest, at the time I was… I was washing dishes in restaurants until 1am…

I can say now that I work as a chef it’s a lot better,

The only downside to it are the hours…

you never know if a family of 16 will walk in to eat 5 minutes before your shifts over, and rules state in my old work if it’s before the closing time- we have to serve.

That means a 12 hour shift with no break can easily turn into a 13/14 one unexpectedly…

Being self employed on the other hand is pretty much the same, but it’s your fault if anything goes wrong- if your business falls from under you because you made a bad choice

It’s on your head…

However, to be able to make that call in the first place is extremely liberating

so it’s a weird one…

neither one is right or wrong, like with life it’s just down to preference

but I’m curious…

If your reading this,

are you employed or self employed?

If you were to give yourself tips 5 years ago about working, what would you say?

New post tomorrow,


Intense Job Interviews

I’ma have a lil heart to heart with you-

Today has been hard.

Not to worry, I don’t mean in the world is ending and the sky is falling sense ( for some reason was thinking of Chicken Little as I wrote this) but more so in the sense of I had my first interview abroad today. It’s a lot harder than people make it seem. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in the middle of the Swedish countryside at a trucker restaurant as opposed Stockholm, but either way it’s been difficult. I drove in with my partner and her mum and they waited having coffee as it was in the middle of the motorway. The interview was in part Swedish part English and I must say- you can’t judge those who get jobs abroad. From the interview I had, you often are left with skeptisism from the interviewers and a feeling of dread regarding your own job stability.

This is a photo taken the first day in Sweden

As I write this I am spinning in thought at the actual practicality of working in the restaurant because it is seemingly impossible at this point. Due to this, I take to the keyboard because I feel I can be vocal in a situation where I’ve lost part of my voice. My Swedish is basic, not enough for a workplace. That became increasingly apparent. They offered me a trial which is amazing, but the future will tell what happens next- Person-number, Skatteverket, International taxes- these are like another language to learn on top of the Swedish. A language that has many twists and turns to match.

The positives to this day are numerous despite the sadness tinged in my writing. I’m super happy and enjoying the Swedish countrysides beauty. The interview went well even though I felt somewhat negative at the time. They still offered me work 🙂 Not only that but I had a revelation that Swedish pizza is AMAZING (Banana,curry,cheese, cabbage and kebab sauce weren’t my first thoughts for a pizza) but I must say, don’t judge it till you try it- it was fantastic.

Swedish pizza…yes, it’s a thing…

Later today I plan to cut the grass and open up an Instagram called Minimalistme- it’ll have more pictures of my travels and minimalist lifestyle. Keep an eye out and most of all have a lovely day,

P.S….Thought I’d show you my face so you know who’s behind the keyboard